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"When You Need Aggressive Mobile Security!"
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The world's only vehicle anti-theft device that fits ALL vehicles with pneumatic tires - car, van, 4x4, truck, motorcycle, scooter, caravan, trailer etc.
Tire Deflator locks onto the tire valve in just a couple of seconds using the special key. Only one Tire Deflator is required to protect a vehicle.
Unauthorized driving of the vehicle with Tire Deflator attached to the tire valve will cause a controlled and safe deflation of the tire within 400-600 meters and the vehicle will be immobilized. Any attempt to remove Tire Deflator without the key will result in the tire deflating.
Tire Deflator is bright yellow and highly visible to the would-be thief thus offering high deterrence. Tire Deflator is small and light in weight so easily stored in a handbag, briefcase or glove pocket. World patented, sold in over 40 countries and tried, tested and proved on countless occasions.
The Tire Deflator packet contains: 1 Tire Deflator, 2 adapters, 1 secure nut, 1 adapter cap, hexagon key, 2 Tire Deflator keys, 2 warning stickers.

Only: 29.95 ea.!