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Installing a alarm/remote start combo into a 2001 civic The unit I will be installing is an ATEK 4000 Remote start/Car alarm Combo Unit.
First thing is to unpack the alarm unit from the box, making sure all the parts are there. Next we must prepare the alarm harness, take all the harnessí that are included and plug them all into the necessary ports on the alarm. These are sometimes color coded. Second step we want to take a roll of electrical tape and neatly make a harness with all the wires coming from the unit, only about 6 inches down. Now we must disassemble the under dash of the car. You will need to take a Phillips and remove the screws holding in the plastic cover over the metal knee protector. Next remove the metal plate with a 10mm socket and ratchet. Now remove the kick panel, this is usually held on with Phillips screws, and then just pops off. OK now we are ready for the fun stuff!!. Locate the heavy plastic covered harness coming from the steering column. This will contain you main ignition and starter wires. The plastic covering usually black is easy to remove with a razor blade, very carefully slicing it down the harness with light pressure. Next locate a nice spot for the alarm unit to ďhideĒ. Making sure its not in the way of any moving parts ie steering column, brake pedal. Usually you can wire tie the brain up if you need to. I usually wait till the end , in case I need to access the brain for any dip switch settings or adjustments.

The next step is to route the necessary wires to the proper locations. First we will start with the heavy gauge wires that come from the remote start unit. Taking the 2 red wires and connecting them to the solid white wire, sometimes on different vehicles you may find 2 +12v constant wires in the harness, you may then hook these 2 red wires separately to them. The way I like to splice them in is stripping back some of the wire on the car harness and then using a test light poking a hole through the wire, then once you have the hole , strip the one of the red wires and stick the stripped wire through and wrap around the wire until you have a nice connection, finally taping the wire. For a nice touch place a wire tie over the final connection. You will do this for all connections to the vehicle from here on! Next wire to hook up is the main ignition wire, Take the heavy yellow wire from the unit and hook into the black/yellow wire of the vehicles harness. The next wire is the orange accessory wire, this gets connected to the vehicles solid yellow or black/red wire. This wire is important because it supplyís power to you heater and a/c. Ok next wire is the brown wire coming from the unit, since this is for a second ignition, well we donít have one on this vehicle so we will tape it off and tape in the harness. Now comes the starter wire, this is a little trick , only because most of the time you want to install a starter kill relay also.

No problem , first thing is to take a relay (5 pin) and cut the starter wire in half, on this car it is the black/white wire in the carís harness. Next take the side of the starter wire coming from the key side and place it on to pin 30, now jump a wire from pin 30 to 85. The other half of the starter wire now goes to pin 87a (middle pin) along with the Thick violet wire coming from the remote start. Then take the thin orange wire from the alarm and place this wire on pin 86 of the relay. That takes of the starter kill and starter hook up! Now lets move on to the rest of the installation, we want to now hook up the brake switch wire, this will tell the unit when the brake is hit to shut off the remote start. The wire we are looking for in the car is the white/black above the brake pedal in the switch itself. Hook the thin yellow wire from the unit to this white/black wire. Make sure you donít run the wire so it tangles or interferes with the operation of the brake or steering! Next we need to hook up a solid ground, find a nice metal structure to attach to , if there is any paint , scrape off any paint to get a nice connection. Now taking a self taper Screw install the ground wire to this metal area . Lets move on to the door wire, on this car you have 3 wires to hook into, this is very important to do this correctly, otherwise it wont work right. First find the green wire , this is for the drivers door, then find the lt. green/red this gets the passenger door, then finally grab the green/white, this gets the rear doors. Now that you have all 3 wires we must diode isolate them from each other but all connecting to the alarmís green wire. Take 3 1n4001 diodes, these you can get at any radio shack. Hook each diode to each of the door wires individually with the band of the diode facing the wire, now twist the other ends of all 3 diodes together, make sure the band of the diodes face all 3 wires. Next hook the alarmís green wire to the twisted end of the diodes and tape them all up good!

Moving on to the parking light wire, this wire is located in the steering column harness. Look for a red/black wire, hook the thin white wire to this red/black wire. The next wire is the alarmís main power wire, this is the thin red wire, you may hook this up to the same as the thick red wires from before, coming from the remote start harness.

Now its time for the door lock wires, these wires are found in a gray connector in the driver kick panel. The colors of these wires are white/blue for lock and white/green for unlock, neg pulse. Hook in the blue wire from the door lock harness from the alarm , this is the 3 pin connector with the blue, green and red wires on it, to the white/ green wire and the green wire to the white/blue. Now the trunk trigger wire, locate a red wire in the same 16 pin green plug as the door wires were in, found in the drivers kick panel. Hook the thin blue wire from the alarm into this wire. Lets now mount the led using a 5/16 hole, in a visible area on the dash. The final step for the installation is to go under the hood, mount the siren in a nice area thatís away from any moving parts of the motor. Face the siren down always, to prevent water from staying in the siren. When you mount the siren, you can ground the siren using the black wire from the siren and cutting it short enough to put a connector on and using self tapers to mount the siren along with the eyelet for ground.

The next step is to find the tach wire needed for the remote start. This wire is located on the passenger side of the motor between the battery and headlight in a diagnostic connector. The wire is a solid blue wire. You have to run a wire into the car along with the red siren wire. Hook the tach wire from the blue wire under the hood to the gray wire of the remote start.

If you feel you will need to have a hood pin to prevent the car from being remote started with the hood open, then do so and hook it up to the blue wire of the alarm. Now its time to test the remote start, but we need to insert the factory key, because this vehicle has a transponder security system. Which we will get into in a little bit, but we need to make sure the remote start unit works first. Before we test this we have to make sure the dip switch settings On the unit are set properly, making sure dip 1 is off, dip 2 on, dip 3 on, dip 4 off. Now we can test the remote starter. It works!!!! Great.

Now lets work on bypassing the transponder system using a transmod unit. Unpack the transmod unit, next make sure you have a spare key, tell the customer if applicable, to surrender a key. This key goes inside the little black box. If you open the unit you will see a ribbon like cable in a loop, with a rubber pad, place the key a per diagram with the head of the key tightly and securely between the pad and the ribbon. Close the unit up.

This unit is easy to hook up, only 2 wires. Remember we need this unit to come on only with the remote start. The way we hook this up is to take the black wire and ground it, then take the red wire and hook this up to the thick brown wire we tucked away from earlier coming from the remote start harness. Now take the ďlassoĒ antenna and go up to the key cylinder, remove the shroud covering the key cylinder, now this may take some playing around with in order to find the ď sweet spotĒ. You can tell when you found the sweet spot by checking with the remote start and testing it out, make sure you are ready to hit the brake pedal, in case it doesnít work, this way you donít burn out the starter from over cranking the motor.!!

Ok we found the spot, cool, whatís next you ask??, lets mount the valet switch into the kick panel using also a 5/16 hole, Make sure your connections are nice and tight, then wire tie all your wires securely. Then reassemble the dash and kick panel in the reverse order!! Pheww!! Good job!!

I hope this was helpful. Good luck, Chris Tursi